Hertforshire Beach Volleyball Ladder

After a year away because of you-know-what, the HVA Beach Volleyball Ladder is back to encourage some friendly competitive 2v2 beach volleyball. There's no fee to join and anybody is welcome. The ladder competition format caters for all abilities.

If you'd like to register, please email beach [at] hertsvolleyball.co.uk and provide:

  1. Both players' full name, whether adult or junior (u16 on June 1st) and gender.
  2. A short team name.
  3. Mobile number for one or both players so we can add you to the official WhatsApp group to organise matches.

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1.1 All matches must be played on one of the three beach courts in St Albans Verulamium Park near AL3 4SW. To book a court, phone 01727 868227. The challenger should do the booking with costs shared.

1.2 Matches can be played any time between the start of June and end of September, although there will be no "bumping down" during September (see 3.4 below).

1.3 Normal beach volleyball rules apply, but it's a friendly competition, so be excellent to each other. Before the match, agree between teams the match rules for things like ball handling, net height, etc. Any in game confusion; just clarify and replay the point.

1.4 All matches are best of three sets, with the first two sets played to 21 points and any decider played to 15 points.

1.5 Flip a coin to start, with the winner picking whether to serve/receive or which side to start play. Swap sides every 7 points. Swap serving team at each set.

1.6 There is no need for refs, antennae or scoresheets, or to notify the organiser of fixtures in advance.


2. Teams

2.1 A team is made up of two named individuals.

2.2 Each team has a name provided to the organiser when registering.

2.3 An individual can only play for one team in the ladder.


3. Ladder

3.1 A new team can join the ladder at any time. They join at the bottom.

3.2 An existing team can withdraw at any time, for example so an individual can become part of a new team. They are removed from the ladder.

3.3 Any team can challenge any other team higher up the ladder. If they win, they move above the losing team's position on the ladder.

3.4 Every second Monday from the beginning of June, any team who has not played in the preceding two weeks moves down the ladder one position. [See 1.2 above]

3.5 Match results must be submitted by the challengers within 2 days via the official WhatsApp group. Please provide: match date, team names and the winning team. Any result received that is older than 2 days will be ignored.

3.6 Ladder updates will be made in the order that results are received.



This competition is run by the HVA Competition's Secretary, Duncan Worrell, who's decision is final despite him competing in a team himself! "With great power, comes great responsibility."

There is no prize, trophy or other award for being at the top of the ladder at the end of September.