Information for Scorers

The instructions for completing the FIVB scoresheet (mandated by the HVA) can be found on the second page of the downloadable version of the scoresheet on the FIVB website.

This video explains how to complete the scoresheet for matches.

Here are some additional pointers that are not really about set scoring. I've added some examples, which is not meant to single any particular individuals or teams out for critiscism. There are not many scoresheets that I would consider perfect.

For Scorers


  1. Please write clearly so it can be easily read.
  2. If you make a mistake, please correct it as neatly as possible. When you can't add a REMARK where you think it might be useful.
  3. We have lots of rules within the HVA, but are totally happy to bend these rules if both teams agree. Simply add such agreements to the REMARKS section. E.g. "Only 3 core players for team A".
  4. Do not worry about applying HVA rules such as player restrictions. That is up to the teams, not you or the other officials. The HVA will apply any infringements post match.

During the warm up

  1. Request the roster from each team. Please, please, please encourage the use of the printable roster provided from the HVA website to make sure player names in the TEAMS section match those on the HVA website. The name format is "SURNAME, Initial", e.g. "Smith, R" not "Bob". You should write this, not the team captain/coach. Players do not need to pre-register with the HVA, so you don't need to worry about that.
  2. Add players in alphabetical order (ignore the FIVB rules that says shirt order). That really helps the HVA fixtures secretary when checking players.
  3. Make sure any libero is only included in the LIBERO section. Look at each team. Does one of them seem to have a different colour shirt? Check if you're not sure whether there is a libero.
  4. Make sure there are no duplicate shirt numbers on the roster.
  5. When the roster is complete, hash through all blank space so extra players, including liberos, cannot be added later. That is against FIVB rules.
  6. Ensure both captains/coaches check and sign the completed roster.
  7. If the venue is time restricted, add the details of that as a remark on the scoresheet and ask captains/coaches to initial to avoid confusion. Scorers could even ask in case the home team has forgotten to communicate this clearly.

Before each set

  1. Obtain the rotation slip from each team. Make sure it's definitely the correct slip for this set.
  2. Double check that each shirt number on the rotation slips is present on the roster!

An example of a player not being on the scoresheet can be seen here (although they were added when a subsequent scoresheet was uploaded). The team had to concede that set and it should have been spotted by the scorer.

During each set

  1. If there is a substitution request, the players must stand in the correct location on the court. Where there is no second ref, you could indicate to the ref that a substitution is required.
  2. When there is a substitution, make sure the player coming on is present on the roster!

An example of a substitution not being checked can be seen here. The team had to concede that set and it should have been spotted by the scorer.

After each set

  1. Make sure the numbers in the RESULTS section is completed for this set: Timeouts, Substitutions, Won (1 or 0) and Points, plus the Duration in minutes.
  2. If you are not sure of any sanctions that were applied during the set, check with officials after the set, so they can be recorded correctly under SANCTIONS.

At match end

  1. Make sure the RESULTS totals have been added up correctly.
  2. If you're unsure who actually won the match, just enter what you do know and leave a remark in the REMARKS section. The HVA will work it all out based on the set scores and your remarks.
  3. Do not try to change the scores to match what you think (or have been told) the match result should be.
  4. Invite both teams to nominate an MVP from their opposition. (Not needed for Cup matches.)
  5. Ensure you and the other the officials have signed the APPROVAL.
  6. Ensure both captain/coaches sign the APPROVAL last.
  7. Invite each of the captains/coaches to take a photo of the fully completed scoresheet.

An example of an incomplete RESULTS section can be seen here. The TSWP is incomplete and the end time is almost certainly wrong too.

Match Result Checks by the HVA

When I check each scoresheet, I go through the following process. The clearer everything is and when the guidelines above are followed it takes just a few minutes to confirm a match result. Otherwise it can take me a stupid amount of time to decipher poor handwriting, work out who is who, contact team captains, etc... which is what this page is about trying to avoid.

  1. I check I can see the whole scoresheet and request a complete version is uploaded if I can't, if the quality is low or the image is too small for me to read.
  2. I count the number of players on the scoresheet for each team and compare that against the number on the match result page as a first pass.
  3. I check each name matches between the uploaded scoresheet and the website entry. That's why entering them in alphabetical order really helps.
  4. Often, libero players have been missed from the website or the home team have been unable to read a name, so have missed it off the website. I add any obvious missing players.
  5. I add any new players to club rosters that are missing from the website. I email the team/club to find out what age/gender those new players are and update that player when I obtain that information
  6. If there are more than a handful of new players, I will ask clubs to do add those. I subsequently make sure they are assigned to the team they initially played for. It's in a club's interest to pre-register players so they don't get restricted to the wrong team. 
  7. I make sure the MVPs have been allocated correctly. If they're not on the scoresheet, I cannot add them later.
  8. I look at every set and make sure that each of the shirt numbers that played is present in the roster for each club. I do the same for any substitutions.
  9. The colour coding for different team restrictions allows me to see if there are more than two non-core players on the roster. When there is, I have to check every set to make sure there is never more than two of them recorded on court at any one time, including substitutions. If there are, I apply player restrictions to that set and update that set to be conceded.
  10. I check the scores entered on the website match the scoresheet.
  11. I'll look at any match sanctions, particularly when they seem frequent and will raise concerns with the wider HVA Committee. 
  12. I look at any other remarks, particularly when they relate to any accepted "rule bending" or comments from teams or officials. I contact those concerned where required.
  13. I decide whether any of the remarks or any other comments on the scoresheet should be added to the website result comments. I don't add every remark.
  14. I often add feedback on the completion of the scoresheet to the comments and feed that back to clubs when necessary.
  15. I apply any HVA fines that may be due that I know about, e.g. missing aerials or no second ref for Div 1 matches.
  16. I let clubs know of any fines or sanctions that were applied for the match to try to avoid them happening again.

Thanks for reading. Any comments or questions please let me know.

Duncan Worrell, HVA Competitions Secretary and Webmaster.