Refereeing and Rules

Clubs and officials should be aware of the rules that govern the game and the rules of the HVA.

Various downloads are available under Documents including the current HVA Rules.

The HVA always follows the current FIVB rules of volleyball. Please Google for the most recent official rules or search the FIVB website.

Highlighted changes for the 23/24 Season

  1. Juniors can play for multiple clubs in some circumstances.
  2. Juniors males can now play in the KO Women's Cup matches and Junior females can now play in the KO Men's Cup matches.
  3. Some clarifications on the conceding of sets (as opposed to matches) for playing an ineligible player.
  4. If fixtures are not agreed by 1 November the HVA will set them on the club's behalf.
  5. All matches (except cup finals) must be completed by the end of April.
  6. All Men's Div 1 matches must have a second referee.

Full details of the above and other changes are included in the current HVA Rules.

Changes - committee meeting of 6 Dec 2023


Instead of the expensive multi-sheet FIVB scoresheets, matches can instead use a PDF version printed on A3. The HVA website only requires that a photo is uploaded and there is no need for a paper copy. Both teams should take a photo once the sheet is completed so they have their own record of the result.

You can download from the FIVB website. That includes the instructions for completion as a second page.

Time Restricted Venues

It has been suggested that any time restriction be added to the scoresheet in the remarks section with both captains initialing it. This is only a suggestion as we do not want to change this rule mid-season, but should help avoid any confusion.