X League

We will not be running the X League for the 2023/24 season.

The X League sits outside the men’s and women’s leagues and is an extra competitive league for beginner/intermediate/junior players who belong to a club, but are not getting much court time within other leagues. It's also a good opportunity to bring along scorers and to gain refereeing experience. There is a single division within the league. The idea is that each X League team tries to play every other X League team during the year.

Cost: £25 for 2021/2 and no club needs to have more than one X League team. If your club isn't currently registered with HVA, you will also need to pay your refundable £30 Goodwill Deposit from which we deduct any fines. The HVA rules for fines still apply where applicable. There will be no medals or trophies at year end for the any X League teams or players.

HVA Rules

It's flexible. If you wanted to run some matches as triangular tournaments, then that would be fine by us. X for Extra and Experimental!

The X League runs under the normal HVA Rules, but the following changes are noted.


There are no restriction on who plays, except that they must be on your club roster and your club must be registered under the HVA. There are no Team Player Restrictions under X League, so anybody from your club could play with anybody else in your club. We’re happy for more advanced players to play on the understanding that they are there to bring the other players on, not thrash the opposition!


There's no need to sort out all the fixtures in advance, but when a date is agreed between teams the fixture must be published on the HVA website as soon as possible because all the rules that apply to late cancellations, etc. still apply. To arrange a fixture, teams should arrange details between themselves. The home team must then email the away team and the HVA Competitions Secretary (Duncan Worrell on duncan [at] webgreen.co.uk) to confirm the final details of the fixture. The HVA will then add the fixture to the website.

X League fixtures can be arranged and played up to and until the end of May. They do not have to be complete 10 days before the KO Cup final as the other league games do.


Any regulation size volleyball can be used. There is no need for it to be a Mikasa V200W or V300W.

Section F – OFFICIALS.

Matches will require a referee, but anybody who has a good grasp of the rules will do. The referee's decision remains final.

A scorer is required and a normal EVA scoresheets should be used when possible. Otherwise, there's a cut down scoresheet you can use instead.

Section G – LEAGUE.

Rule G4 does not apply; X-League teams should aim to play as many of their fixtures as possible, but there is no penalty if they do not.

Instead of the opposition selecting the MVP, the teams select the MVP for their own team.