Herts Sports Partnership funding opportunities

Hatfield Community Sports Fund:


The £1.4m  fund for Hatfield Sports Clubs and organisations will be launched on 13 October from 6pm with an event at the University of Hertfordshire.


John O’Callaghan, Director of the Herts Sports Partnership who has been appointed Chair of the Fund said: “We are hosting an event to give Hatfield clubs and organisations the chance to talk to us and fully understand what we’re looking for from applications to this significant fund. This is one of the most exciting opportunities we’ve got as a community to make a lasting difference to local people through sport and exercise. We’re hopeful clubs will be able to use this money to secure additional funding from governing bodies like Sport England.”

The funding pot is a financial contribution from the University of Hertfordshire, replacing their original Section 106 planning obligation to provide replacement sports facilities at Angerland Common.

To register your interest in attending the launch event, email play [at] welhat.gov.uk

Opportunity to discuss your funding needs with Funding4Sport

Since The Herts Sports Partnership set up a funding support partnership with Funding4Sport in early 2015 they have secured nearly £1.5m for sport and physical activity organisations in Herts.

Richard Sutcliffe of Funding4Sport is running 1:1 sessions on 13th October at the University of Hertfordshire with clubs and organisations who want to discuss a funding project.

To arrange an appointment with Richard email funding4sport [at] hotmail.co.uk

For full details of the Funding4Sport offer and times available on 13th October go to: