Match maps, eligible players and iCal

We've been busy improving the website over the last week in response to some suggestions, so thanks for those:

  1. We've coded up the HVA Rules for player restrictions (we think). When you click on an upcoming match you now see who is eligible to play. That should help team managers/captains avoid any oops moments.
  2. Clubs can now edit their matches to add a match venue. A handy icon is displayed on fixture lists and you'll see a nice Google Map on the match page.
  3. There's a new orange iCal icon below each Team's fixtures. You can import the "url" from that in to calendars such as Outlook, Notes and Google Calendar to keep you up-to-date with fixtures. They'll even update automatically if they're changed on the website. Have a Google if you don't know how to use "ics" files with your favourite calendar software.
  4. We've added a Match Calendar to every Team page. This will hopefully help you plan fixtures with your own and other teams.