Committee Meeting minutes published, rule changes and AGM notification

Last week's meeting minutes are available at

The committee (executive members only) will meet on Tuesday 22nd May to discuss HVA rule changes. We intend to look at:

  1. rules for player registration and team restrictions to prevent abuses, whilst maximising the ability of clubs to field teams all season long
  2. the fine/penalty structure
  3. changes to reflect current HVA operations.

The current rules are here and were recently updated to include this year's amendments.

If you're familiar with the rules, you'll know that many of the rules are not followed as detailed, so we need to address this as well as make the operation of the HVA fit for purpose.

If your club has any input for this meeting or suggestions for other rule changes you would like considered, you should pass these in writing to one of the committee members. All proposed changes will go to the vote at the AGM.

The date of the HVA 2018 AGM is Tuesday 12th June, 8pm at Rudolph Steiner School in Kings Langley. Every club must send a representative.