Keeping the volleyball family safe during competitions

From England Volleyball whose guidelines we will be following for all sanctioned events; league and cup.


For 2021/22 we introduced a set of measures for Volleyball England competitions to mitigate potential Covid-19 risks to participants. We also advise other volleyball competition organisers to follow these measures too, which are in addition to our usual rules and regulations.

This list of advisory, preferred and required measures are listed in our Covid Addendum, which was produced and released at the start of the season.

Thank you for everyone’s support so far. Observance of these measures is helping, as highlighted at an NVL match when a player tested positive afterwards.

A recent update to the Covid Addendum has been issued on the following points:

  • It is the responsibility of both teams to provide sanitiser for themselves.
  • Please ensure that wherever possible that doors and / or air vents are open to ensure a continual airflow through the facility as this helps reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.