We aimed to hold all the first matches for the Men's Knock Out Cup and Women's Knock Out Cup in the 3rd week of November this year. That date is fast approaching, so good luck all.

We now need to let you know when we'd like the next rounds to be played if you're lucky enough to progress. There's no fixed date for these, so the dates below are the date by which you should have played the fixture.

Because of the deadlines, Cup fixtures take precedence over League fixtures. Please be accommodating if a club who is still in the Cup needs to change a League match they already have scheduled with you.

Men's Round 1 and Women's Quarter-Finals 3rd week of November 2018
Men's Quarter-Finals By 28th of February 2019
All Semi-Finals By 5th May 2019
Finals TBC 18/19th May 2019

The date and details for the Finals should form part of the next Committee Meeting, scheduled for 7.30pm, Tuesday 11th December (venue TBC). The Finals are normally held mid to late May.

Note: as per the rules (section I.2) all KO Cup players must have been registered with the club before 1st March to be eligible to play for that club in that season’s KO Cup.

UPDATE: By request from WHVC, we have extended the semi-final deadline to 5th May.